Nylon Jail (CZ)

Country: Czechia
Genre: alternative, rock, psychedelic, elektronica, country
Label: Indies Scope
Booking territory: worldwide
Země: Czechia
Žánr: alternative, rock, psychedelic, elektronica, country
Vydavatelství: Indies Scope
Zastoupení: worldwide

With their original, hot mix of alternative rock, electronica, psychedelic and country the NYLON JAIL were shining supernova of Czech music scene between 2012-2014 and like supernova with explosion disappeared in 2015. Luckily for all of us the core of the band has survived and now is back with new videos Freezing-Point, I´m Here Again and Strange Reapers which announce a new album coming out in the spring 2018 + return of live concert activity.

“It all happened in terribly short time, it was too much for us. We had to deal not only with band’s issues but also our personal problems.”

From the deep hibernation the band have came back to live in their core line-up: Jiřin Jirák (vocal) and Roman Vičík (guitars).

The band start a new era of their production with singles/videos released during second half of 2017 and beginning of 2018. In spring 2018 a new album will be released and the band plan to perform live again.

In our music we want to bring tradition face to face with unconventional advances and to relate seemingly incompatible.”

The new tracks were whiped up in co-operation with Petr Mlynář and Ondřej Ježek, the same production team who was working on their debut album My Heart Soars Like A Hawk (2013). For this album the Nylon Jail were nominated for Anděl Award, gained Vinyla Award + were nominated for Žebřík Award thanks to their vital live shows.

www: http://nylonjail.org