• Sun
    20:00Café V lese, Praha

    McGoldrick McCusker & Doyle

    Folk music's legendary triumvirate of musical magpies Mike McGoldrick, John McCusker & Doyle are on tour again this November. As live music returns, Mike, John & John will bring you their own blend of top-class folk songs, tunes and charming bonhom

  • Wed
    20:00Café V lese, Praha

    Brìghde Chaimbeul

    Brìghde Chaimbeul plays the Scottish smallpipes, a bellows-powered set of bagpipes with a double-note drone. A native Gaelic speaker from the Isle of Skye, she began learning the pipes as a young girl and at the age of seventeen won the BBC Radio 2

  • Sat
    20:00Futurum Music Bar, Zborovská 7, Praha

    Lauren Ruth Ward

    After her very first and sold out 2019 show in Cafe V lese and after several rescheduling of this second show LAUREN RUTH WARD is coming back to Prague.

    Everyone remembers the first time they see Lauren Ruth Ward sing. Not many singers has that effe

  • Sun
    19:30Střecha Radost, Praha 3 - Žižkov

    Cash savage & The Last Drinks

    It's imposible to overlook CASH SAVAGE & THE LAST DRINKS on the Australian music scene. In an era when the world is falling apart with such a deafening roar, Cash Savage’s voice rings loud over the cacophony. Songs of politics, grief, songs of rage

  • Sun
    20:00Praha - Žižkov, Střecha Radost

    Legendary Shack ShakersTwenty-five years into their worldwide crusade, Legendary Shack Shakers have become the leaders in the underground music scene’s “Southern Gothic” sound. Led by their charismatic front man, Col. JD Wilkes, the band continues to wow crowds with their


Past events

  • Wed

    VickiKristinaBarcelona (US) - Songs of Tom Waits

    20:00Praha, Café V lese


    One of New York City’s most beloved and talked-about bands, VickiKristinaBarcelona band transforms the Songs of Tom Waits, showing them in a new light, a genre unto themselves, while maintaining the original humor and pathos. Their repertoire explores the vast landscape of Waits’ styles, by turns danceable and philosophical, humorous, unsettling and heart-warming. The beautiful song melodies are unearthed by breathtakingly gorgeous and inventive three-part harmonies and often surprising arrangements, via an array of instruments including accordion, guitar, percussion, harmonium, banjo, bottles and bells.

    Rachelle Garniez, Amanda Homi a Terry Radigan are each seasoned singer-songwriters with distinctive differences.
    Rachelle’s genre-fluid Cabaret, Amanda’s Global rhythms and forms, and Terry’s traditional Americana Roots all combine to form a sound greater than the sum of its’ parts.

    The name of the band is an adaptation of a Woody Allen movie title. As the film centers on the story of three strong women and their complicated dance around a male character, it is a reflection of the group’s dynamic and mission. There is a playfulness to the reference, a sly wink and a reclaiming of female power.

    Their first CD, “Pawn Shop Radio” takes its’ title from a lyric in the bluegrass tinged ominous version of “Gun Street Girl” and came out 29 May 2020.

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