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One of New York CIty’s most beloved and talked-about bands, VickiKristinaBarcelona transforms the songs of Tom Waits, showing them in a new light, a genre unto themselves, while maintaining the original humor and pathos. Their repertoire explores the vast landscape of Waits’ styles, by turns danceable and philosophical, humorous, unsettling and heart-warming.

The beautiful song melodies are unearthed by breathtakingly gorgeous and inventive three-part harmonies and often surprising arrangements, via an array of instruments including accordion, guitar, percussion, harmonium, banjo, bottles and bells.

Rachelle Garniez, Amanda Homi and Terry Radigan are each seasoned singer-songwriters with distinctive differences. Rachelle’s genre-fluid Cabaret, Amanda’s Global rhythms and forms, and Terry’s traditional Americana Roots all combine to form a sound greater than the sum of its’ parts. While most of the songs are built around the signature ensemble vocals, each member of the band is also featured individually, organically choosing a Waits song that best fits their personality.

The name of the band is an adaptation of a Woody Allen movie title. As the film centers on the story of three strong women and their complicated dance around a male character, it is a reflection of the group’s dynamic and mission. There is a playfulness to the reference, a sly wink and a reclaiming of female power.

Their first album, “Pawn Shop Radio” came out on 29 May 2020.

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We are sorry to announce Tim Eriksen’s show on 15 March has been canceled and will be postponed. The substitute date will be announced soon. Tickets remain valid or you can ask Goout.net for refund.

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After the sold out show last year in Cafe V lese Lauren Ruth Ward is coming back to Prague. She’ll bring her new album “Vol.II” which came on 13 March this year.

Everyone remembers the first time they see Lauren Ruth Ward sing. Not many singers has that effect. The thing is, youʼve never seen someone sing from every cell in their being and well, it changes your own chemistry for a moment. You think, if she can be bigger than her body, why canʼt I? And just like that, you are empowered. Whatʼs better, you never expected it would feel
this fun.

Critics have declared Lauren Ruth Ward as a cross between Janis Joplin, Florence Welch and Courtney Barnett. debut album “Well, Hell” garnered accolades from NYLON, Noisey, Consequence of Sound, the Los Angeles Times, Indie Shuffle and more. Viral clips spread quickly of this new phenomʼs visceral live performance. Singing in the faces of fans, songs like “Blue Collar Sex Kitten”, “Make Love to Myself” and the soul crushing “Did I Offend You”. In no time, LRW was playing to sold out crowds in the US and overseas, sharing stages with artists as diverse as LP, the Yeah Yeah Yeahʼs, Shirley
Manson, Eddie Vedder, Shakey Graves, Liz Phair and even Keith Urban; with a growing reputation for stealing the show.

Rock nʼ Roll in 2020 really needs something. Thank the fucking Goddesses above and below for sending us Lauren Ruth Ward.

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